MIRO® CU eliminates viruses and bacteria for utmost hygiene

MIRO® CU is manufactured in a nanotechnology process (PVD). The high-purity copper is coated onto the anodised aluminium base and builds up a permanent bond. The copper coating of MIRO® CU makes this surface antimicrobial - the disinfectant effect of the copper develops immediately and is retained over the entire life of the surface. Add it to any piece of furniture, shop interior or checkout area, for example, to provide additional protection.

Research has confirmed that MIRO® CU is the most effective way to fight germs. Its smooth surface of pure copper has been proven in laboratory tests and eliminates up to 99,99 % of bacteria and viruses.

Wide range of applications

It has long been known that copper has a disinfecting effect against viruses and bacteria. There are now several studies in which this effect has been scientifically proven. MIRO® CU has also proven its effectiveness in the laboratory. In laboratory tests, conducted on our behalf, MIRO® CU proved to be very effective: it deactivated 99,99 % of Corona viruses. The fields of application are numerous.  

  • reception counter
  • checkout area
  • meeting tables
  • product displays
  • light switches, door handles, handrails

Create more safety with MIRO® CU

Various thicknesses and sizes

MIRO® CU is available in two thicknesses: the foil in 0,1 mm thickness is particularly suitable for small objects such as light switches and handles. The 0,5 mm thick board is ideal for large objects such as tables and counters. The product can be ordered in different sizes.

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