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Magnetic surfaces for attractive furniture and walls

Bring a little magic to walls and furniture surfaces with TECHNO PRIME MAGNET. The stainless steel surfaces are equipped with ferromagnetic capabilities, which makes them the perfect landing space for magnets in office spaces or childrens' rooms.

TECHNO PRIME MAGNET is available in coils and sheets in 0.1 mm thickness and widths up to 1,350 mm with primer for HPL/CPL already applied on both sides.

Magnetic surfaces are practical for office designers 

TECHNO PRIME MAGNET can be attached to any wall or furniture, to create an area for presentation, organisation, brain storming or decoration. A few magnets are sufficient – and all kinds of notes and sheets can be arranged and rearranged within seconds. It is ideal to add a very helpful capability to conference rooms or offices without taking up any space.

Magnetic surfaces inspire children to create their own world 

With its thickness of only 0.1 mm you can add TECHNO PRIME MAGNET to any piece of furniture in a child's room, be it shelf sides, cupboard doors or bedside tables. Kids can start to create their own collection of images, notes, collectibles and more. This way, a piece of furniture becomes a place to inspire children. 

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