Lead frames made of aluminium for your LED SMD production

Our high-tech processes – anodising, painting and PVD-coating – enable us to meet all requirements for functional thin-film surfaces on aluminium. Our plates for lead-frame technologies can be produced for you at low-cost, in a wide variety of designs. Whether made of pure aluminium, with copper or other metal substitutes – there are no limits to what we can do. We can manufacture complex, multi-layer systems safely, cost-effectively and industrially.

Lead frames made of aluminium - efficient and innovative 

The MC-PCB material MIRO® CoM was specially developed for the "LED Base Plate" industry and combines reflective properties adapted to white LEDs with the necessary material hardness. The advantages are :

  • high reflectivity: at 95 % and 98 %, MIRO® CoM and MIRO-Silver® CoM can significantly increase the efficiency of LED units
  • specific coating systems for electrical insulation or for high thermal conductivity on the front and/or back are also possible


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