Solar absorber surfaces from Alanod maximise your efficiency 

mirotherm® Control, mirotherm®, eta plus® and mirosol® TS are the selectively absorbent coatings for solar thermal applications. They are designed to meet every requirement of all kinds of applications. The products achieve solar absorption rates of up to 97 % and emission rates of up to 4 %.

mirotherm® Control, eta plus® and mirotherm® are manufactured in a PVD-operation using the air-to-air process. With the product mirosol® TS, we offer a selectively absorbing lacquer applied in the coil-coating process.

Advantages of Alanod's solar absorber surfaces 

Our products ensure low emissions and have a 20-year warranty. Our leadership in innovation is demonstrated by the outstanding effectiveness of our products, which are continuously being developed further:

  • 20-year warranty
  • maximum absorption and low emissions
  • highest quality through continuous monitoring during production
  • low energy amortisation period
  • all standard joining technologies applicable

Intelligent absorption surfaces for your solar thermal collectors

Premium - mirotherm® Control

mirotherm® Control offers you many advantages: Solar absorption of up to 97 %, integrated overheating protection, highest product quality, and resistance to external influences such as moisture. It was developed on the basis of our best-selling and proven mirotherm® coating. 

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The tried and trusted bestseller worldwide - mirotherm®

mirotherm® is the first commercially available solar selective absorber layer on an aluminium substrate produced with PVD-technology. It is the bestselling surface worldwide as more than 21 million m2 have been sold in the last 20 years. While the IR-reflecting layer ensures a low thermal emissivity, the oxide-absorption layer, in combination with an anti-reflection layer, ensures maximum solar absorption and resistance to external influences.

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The all-rounder - eta plus®

eta plus®eta plus® achieves a very high solar absorption of 96 % - combined with a very low thermal emissivity of only 4 %. The product is available on copper or aluminium strip. is our fully sputtered product for solar thermal applications. It can be used in flat-plate collectors with full-surface or strip absorbers, in tube collectors as well as in air and large-area facade collectors.

eta plus® achieves a very high solar absorption of 96 % – combined with a very low thermal emissivity of only 4 %. The product is available on copper or aluminium strip.

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Our lacquer product – mirosol® TS

In addition to PVD-coatings, coil-coated paints are also available for solar thermal collectors. mirosol® TS is ideal for solar thermal systems installed in regions with high solar radiation. In the production of mirosol® TS, a lacquer made of inorganic pigments functionalised with aminosilane is applied to aluminium. A specially developed coating process is used for this purpose.

mirosol® TS offers high resistance to heavy environmental pollution, salty air, moisture, condensation, oil and dirt as well as low stagnation temperature.

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Example project Burj Kalifa Dubai

The company SOLE s.a. has installed flat-plate collectors for hot water production on the largest building in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa, with a total area of 1,020 m². The absorbing material was provided by Alanod.


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All our solar products are now sold, processed and installed by partner companies on all five continents. We were the first company in the world to reach the milestone of more than 20 million square metres of absorption strips sold. In addition, our worldwide sales network guarantees targeted advice and on-site support.
Oliver Storbeck, CEO Alanod 

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