Unique wall and ceiling surfaces for your interior design 

When it comes to interior design, walls and ceilings often fall by the wayside. A metal surface gives your rooms a special touch, a unique look and makes walls and ceilings an exceptional element of your design. Whether it's high-gloss or matte, fine to clearly visible textures with applied stainless steel or copper optics or long-term stable coloured surfaces: With DECO PRIME®, there are no limits to your imagination. 

Metal surfaces - many advantages for your interior design 

Alanod's metal surfaces give your rooms a special touch and a unique appearance:

  • mirrored ceilings enhance the spatial experience
  • structured or patterned walls add a subtle finishing touch
  • perforated surfaces improve room acoustics
  • colourful anodised wall surfaces create a futuristic atmosphere
  • precious matte surfaces appear softer and warmer

DECO PRIME® offers you attractive surfaces for any room

Broad product portfolio for versatile use 

DECO PRIME® surfaces can be produced in widths of up to 1350 mm and with no length restrictions for wall and ceiling panelling. The wide range of material thicknesses, from 0,1 mm to 1,5 mm, meets the most varied requirements: from using the product as a solid aluminium surface to bonding the material in ACP sheets, HPL laminates and honeycomb structural panels. There are no limits to the possibilities.

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Intelligent lighting control in rooms with MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® 

Our surfaces also serve to transport and direct light in buildings. This effect is achieved by the highly reflective MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® surfaces. On top of this is the added ecological value – the increased use of natural light and the reduction of artificial light sources.

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Acoustic masterpieces

The acoustics in a room can be modified using perforated panels and can be changed both at specific points and over large areas. Our finished surfaces are able to be perforated according to your wishes. Additionally, already perforated coils can be anodised and dyed afterwards to create coloured hole edges.

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Use in heating- and cooling ceiling systems

Heating/cooling ceilings have established themselves as a fixed standard in technical building equipment over the past few decades. Our surfaces made of anodised or specially painted aluminium ensure an optimised temperature distribution. Maximise the thermal effects of your concealed heat conducting panels by using our beautiful and effective materials.

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Toranomon Hills 
Business Tower Tokyo 

In the Toranomon Hills Business Tower in Tokyo, ceilings have been fitted with both matte and reflective Alanod materials. The result is a clean business look in a modern atmosphere


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Facts & figures

Structure, finish, colour, thickness and sizes selectable

Can improve acoustics, direct light, assist rooms in cooling and heating

Can be joined as solid aluminium or in combination with ACP, HPL and many more

Product Overview

Whatever you are planning, you will find the right solution for your project here.

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