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Metal surfaces for exclusive interiors in your car design 

Our DECO PRIME® product line offers a variety of special designs for a wide range of fields. Our product line can be used to realise the most diverse applications. From door frames and decorative trims to emblems and loudspeaker covers – we can supply you with the right semi-finished product for a wide variety of decorative parts. Our products feature impressive properties such as scratch resistance, anti-fingerprint, good formability and easy printability.

Application examples for Alanod surfaces in interior design 

Our DECO PRIME® surfaces can be used to realise a wide variety of interior projects:

  • entrance and decorative trims
  • panels and emblems
  • cover for centre consoles
  • cover for loudspeakers

DECO PRIME® metal surfaces for outstanding car interior design  

Good printability

DECO PRIME® is based on genuine aluminium, which has been given a special surface coating. The Ready-to-use surface can be printed without further conditioning using a variety of processes before being formed. Thanks to its unique surface properties, forming in no way damages the print and the surface also remains crack-free and scratch-resistant.

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Scratch resistance

The premium DECO PRIME® aluminium strip can be finished with a patent-pending, in-line hardened lacquer surface. It is extremely scratch-resistant and yet can be moulded without issue. It is possible to create tactile effects such as cool-touch, soft-touch and anti-fingerprint, as well as a wide range of glazing or opaque colours. Thanks to a primer layer or thermoplastic film, the material is ready to use

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Printable surfaces


Scratch-resistant surfaces


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Structure, finish, colour, thickness and sizes selectable

Scratch resistance, anti-fingerprint, good formability, easy printability

Can be delivered with primer

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