Decorative surfaces

The DECO PRIME® product range offers you an assortment of special designs, no matter your industry or applications needs. It ideal and adaptable whether you’re in the automotive industry or installing facades and ceilings or desire signature styles for furniture laminates, household appliances or signs and name-plates. Select from high-gloss or matte, fine to visibly structured, with a stainless steel or copper look applied or long-term, stable coloured surfaces. With DECO PRIME®, the sky is the limit.

We can also offer you all products with one or two-sided primers as an adhesive base for composites with other materials (e.g., for HPL/CPL lamination or to produce aluminium/plastic hybrid components) or for subsequent printing.

Coloured anodised surfaces

Give your products individuality while maintaining material integrity. By incorporating colour pigments during the anodising process, we produce long-term, stable, coloured surfaces. This means, whether you choose gloss, matte, or brushed, the material still retains its natural, metallic character. In addition to the standard colours available, almost any colour variant is possible with a sufficient purchase quantity – including light-dark variations, if desired. Just tell us your colour preferences. We will be happy to send you samples.

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Make use of our competence in development

Whether grain structure, lacquer finish, micro-perforation or light integration: our development department creates innovative surface systems for your specific application. Contact us and make use of our know-how.

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Clear and coloured lacquer systems

In order to preserve the decorative surface structure of the aluminium qualities, take advantage of our non-opaque, translucent lacquer systems. In addition to an appealing look, these also give your products additional protection for both exterior and interior use, depending you’re your requirements.

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