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Customised surface systems – from idea to production 

Whether it's a smartphone, washing machine, car interior or espresso machine; today, more than ever, products need to stand out from the competition and excite emotions. You have to enjoy looking at them, want to touch them and experience their quality and feel. Alanod's system development department creates innovative surfaces on real aluminium that are specially tailored to your requirements – ranging from functional through to decorative aspects. With these unique surfaces, you can stand out from your competitors and give your products a distinctive appearance. Benefit from our expertise, our long-standing network of system partners and a wide variety of finishing technologies. 

Highlights from the development of surface systems 

Formable coating surfaces

Coatings tend to be either hard and then too brittle for forming, or they are elastic enough for forming, but then provide little protection for the surface. Alanod develops lacquered aluminium surfaces that are robust and yet suitable for forming.

Grained surfaces

Stone, leather, wood, bark: structures evoke memories and impressions of natural surfaces. With Alanod's grained structures, you can define a surface that we reproduce in real aluminium. This creates high-quality accentuated surfaces, e.g. for household appliances or car cockpits and storage compartments.

Microperforation with backlighting

What appears at first glance to be a sophisticated metal surface suddenly becomes a decorative highlight when backlit. Microperforations like these using innovative laser technology open up completely new applications and possibilities for you.

Co-extrusion and back injection

Thanks to the extrusion process, Alanod surfaces can be bonded and formed with plastics. These products can be manufactured particularly economically and help to reduce the weight of components. Because of their mechanical properties, Alanod surfaces can be back-injected. This means they can contribute to weight reduction and allow novel functions to be integrated.


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