Accelerate growth cycles with reflectors for greenhouses 

Correct lighting can maximise growth efficiency in greenhouses and increase photosynthesis and plant yield. 
Our product MIRO-SILVER® GL offers you ideal conditions for optimal greenhouse lighting: High reflectivity, which directs all the light and energy to the plants, combined with a long life span to withstand the typical greenhouse atmosphere. 

Benefit from exceptional reflectivity – even in the infrared spectrum

With MIRO-SILVER® GL, Alanod has developed a specular surface with highly reflective properties. In combination with high-pressure sodium vapour lamps, even the invisible wavelengths of the infrared spectrum are reflected by MIRO-SILVER® GL.  The large amount of light and heat that is reflected is of great benefit to plants: 

  • faster plant growth due to ideal climate
  • colder ambient air than with classic heating
  • the soil around the plants is not dried out
  • with MIRO-SILVER® GL, the plants grow as if summer never ends

MIRO-SILVER® GL for a long service life

Special protective layer against moisture and chemicals

The substrate of MIRO-SILVER® GL is a strong aluminium base material which is highly reflective due to its different layers. In addition, it has a special protective layer on the top, which guarantees a long service life. This layer ensures that the reflector is able to withstand the most adverse environmental influences within a greenhouse: Moisture caused by plant irrigation, aggressive chemicals such as herbicides/pesticides, or strong temperature fluctuations do not stand a chance. You can therefore rely on our product for a long time.

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We have tested MIRO-SILVER® GL in our lighting under greenhouse conditions. Its resistance even to highly aggressive pesticides, insecticides and ripening gases was optimal. In addition, the light reflection was exceptional. I know of no other material with these unique properties
Daniel D., Greenhouse-lighting designer

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Accelerates plant growth and protects the environment

Special protective layer against weather influences

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