Technical metal surfaces with special properties 

Whatever your requirements or current conditions are, we are constantly adapting and responding quickly to market needs. From the development of the first prototypes to series production, our interdisciplinary team helps us create functional metal-hybrid technologies for the future. Today, newly defined process combinations enable surface properties that represent an innovative advantage for you in all decorative and functional areas.

MIRO® CU for antimicrobial surfaces 

Developed with you in mind, MIRO®CU was the logical response to the Covid-19 pandemic as its copper coating makes this surface antimicrobial. It is a high-tech, material manufactured in a nanotechnology process (PVD). The elementary copper is bonded onto the anodised aluminium base and builds a lasting connection. Add it to any piece of furniture, shop interior or counter to create additional protection for customers and employees:

  • Lifetime effectiveness against germs (kills 99.99 % of them)
  • Works from the very first second, without any chemicals
  • Easy to apply and remove
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MIRO® Volt as transformer belt

Coil material for electrical transformers need inter-lap insulation. Traditionally, paper has fulfilled this role. With MIRO® Volt, our insulation-coated aluminium strip, the need for the additional paper insulation is removed. MIRO® Volt aluminium strip offers you a step-up into the future of transformers:

  • MIRO® Volt strips help increase electrical performance by reducing power losses 
  • Compared to traditional transformer construction, MIRO® Volt strips need less space
  • A more compact inner core can be used, less material for the outer windings is needed, leading to significant material savings
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TECHNO PRIME MAGNET for magnetic walls and furniture

Magnetic surfaces are a feature that comes in handy in office areas such as conference rooms or project management offices. With only the help of a few magnets you can visualise, organise, plan or collect all kinds of information very flexibly. 

TECHNO PRIME MAGNET is a stainless steel surface with magnetic capabilities. Due to its only 0.1 mm thickness you can embed it in walls or furniture easily and add magnetic functionality. 

  • Available in coils and sheets
  • Comes in 0.1 mm thickness and widths up to 1,350 mm
  • Can be pre-applied with primer for HPL/CPL on both sides on request
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Functional Layers Alanod Vapor and Fire protection

TECHNO PRIME Functional Layers against vapor and fire

With TECHNO PRIME Functional Layers you can integrate a thin aluminium layer into furniture and structural elements such as doors. This way you can create a perfect protection barrier against vapors and fire: 

  • Effectively stops diffusion of humidity, thus protecting high-value furniture from warping and distortion.
  • Embedded in door panels, it slows down flames from burning through in case of fire.

TECHNO PRIME products are available in sheets and coils with a minimum thickness of 0,1 mm and a maximum width of 1.350 mm.

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Make use of our competence in tailor-made surface development

Whether grain structure, lacquer finish, micro-perforation or light integration: our development department creates innovative surface systems for your specific application. Contact us and make use of our know-how.

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