Efficient interior lighting with coated aluminium reflectors

Our perfectly fitting reflector materials provide the optimum conditions for lighting control of your interiors. Whether offices, shops, halls – we have the perfect material for an efficient solution: from matte to glossy, diffuse directional to diffuse reflection, isotropic or anisotropic reflection behaviour. We guarantee the highest lighting quality thanks to the guaranteed durability of our surfaces with a high total light reflection of up to 98 %. Our wide product portfolio also offers the possibility of selecting the appropriate surfaces to direct light better – whether diffused, linear or pinpoint – and to achieve glare limitation. 

Our perfectly fitting reflector materials for 
your perfect interior lighting

See for yourself the excellent quality of our surfaces. 
We guarantee:

  • durable products with consistently high performance for years – without reflection losses or colour distortion
  • high-quality material which gives modern light fixtures a unique quality and value
  • novel processes for special lighting concepts. We shape our surfaces using presses, deep-drawing or hydroforming to achieve special reflector materials.
  • a large product portfolio that meets every customer requirement. From materials for precise or diffuse directional control to surfaces for glare control. There are no limits for us

Advantages of aluminium reflector surfaces 

Longevity through lighting quality

LED light sources are designed for a lifetime of 50,000 hours. The long-term stability of our reflector surfaces (MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER®) has been tested under the toughest conditions: A high-pressure discharge lamp heated the surface of the reflector to over 100 °C – a thermal load which is not even reached in normal operation with low-heat LED lamps. Even after 50,000 hours, our surfaces made of MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® showed unchanged, high reflection properties.

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Lighting quality through directional lighting

Light control is crucial for excellent lighting quality. Regardless of whether an application requires isotropic or anisotropic reflection behaviour, whether a darklight effect is desired, or the reflector material should have an ergonomic intrinsic luminance, you will find the right surface in our product portfolio.

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Lighting quality through glare limitation

The powerful light intensity of modern LED technology has brought the issue of glare back into focus. Proper direction of light using reflectors helps to avoid direct glare and enables the light fixture's luminous intensity distribution curve to be precise. Workplaces can then be optimally, ergonomically illuminated, and colour and detail recognition in shop lighting significantly improved.

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Product Overview

Whatever you are planning, you will find the right solution for your project here.

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