Exclusive aluminium surfaces for your special furniture design 

High-quality furniture design is characterised by attention to detail. Alanod DECO PRIME® surface materials give you a broad range of options for your interior design objects. With DECO PRIME® Panels you can create a unique and exclusive look with a long-lasting, emotional metallic touch, a variety of structures, surfaces and colours.

Going further, you can add unique features such as scrub resistance, soft touch, anti-fingerprint or extra matt finish with DECO PRIME® Thin foils. They allow you to design furniture, doors, tables or cupboards with surfaces that become extraordinary experiences.


  • Finishes from high-gloss to noble matt
  • Structures from fine brushing to strong patterns
  • Suitable for HPL/CPL laminates or hybrid components
  • With high performance lacquer protection
  • Colour anodising to keep metal look & feel and cold touch 

DECO PRIME® Thin Foils

  • Broad variety of standard colours
  • Option to define individual design in seamless look
  • Special UV lacquer adds robustness and stain resistance
  • Soft touch lacquer helps avoiding finger-prints
  • Extra matt surface available

DECO PRIME® Panels – offers you attractive functionalities

Suitable for HPL/CPL laminates

DECO PRIME® surfaces can be used as a top layer in HPL / CPL laminates. As it is a thin metal, it can also be incorporated into the HPL / CPL core and act as a fire or vapour barrier.

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Complete your design with high-quality edge cover

Furniture edges can be upgraded with our products. The metal can be applied to both plastic surfaces and wood. The flexible structure allows it to be applied to edges and hollows.

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Enables seamless grip rails

For a modern design, grip rails can be created with DECO PRIME® to create a seamless and durable feel on your door handles.

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The emotional touch in Rotpunkt Küchen Design

In kitchen design, style and functionality often stand in each other's way. With Alanod DECO PRIME®, Rotpunkt Küchen has cleverly combined the two to create a minimalist look. At only 1,4 mm thick, the panel fronts from the SLICE and CORE ranges are particularly thin and are perfect for handleless design.


To our coloured surfaces

Unique features for your design with DECO PRIME® Thin Foils

Real metal


Scrub resistant

Stain resistant

Soft touch


Extra matt

DECO PRIME® Thin Foils – extraordinary variety



This is the basic version of the DECO PRIME® Thin Foils. You may choose from a variety of colour coatings and structures and give your applications an emotional metallic touch.

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These Thin Foils come prepared with a special UV lacquer. It adds a high level of scrub resistance, making the surface robust for cleaning and resistant against stains. It's ideal for classy furniture that should keep its exquisite look for years. 

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By deciding for DECO PRIME® MAST, you get an additional soft touch lacquer which helps to avoid fingerprints. It adds a special velvety feeling to the surface and comes with an extra matt surface. 

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Download DECO PRIME® Panels

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Download DECO PRIME® Thin Foils

Download our brochure for furniture surfaces and learn more about our products.


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Facts & figures

Pliable around edges and hollows

Structure, finish, colour and treatments selectable

Can provide HPL and CPL with fire and steam protection

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