Our surfaces

From highly reflective surfaces for light and even UV-C reflector applications, to exceptional decorative surfaces, you’re sure to find the look you’ve been searching for. Best of all, our surfaces are robust to last even in the harshest environments. We are your specialists in functional and decorative surface coatings on metal coils. From anodising to PVD coating to individually developed lacquer systems, you can utilise a full range of process technologies from a single source.

Overview surfaces

Reflective surfaces

With highly reflective and transmissive surfaces for LED lightingtraditional light sources, UV light applications,  
greenhouse lights and
 daylight solutions as well, you will always find the right light.

Absorption surfaces

Take advantage of our 30+ years of experience in the production of surface-refined aluminium and copper strips. During this time, we’ve come to specialise in the production of semi-finished products which provide you with environmentally friendly, solar energy generation.  

Decorative surfaces

Refined, design-oriented, decorative and functional aluminium surfaces are available for all your interior and exterior needs. You can use our products for facades and ceilings, furniture laminates, signs and plaques, door handles and profiles, household appliances or picture frames. Any finish you desire is possible, whether coloured, high gloss, matte brushed, structured or in stainless steel and copper looks.

Special solutions

From antimicrobial copper surfaces to electrically insulated surfaces for transformer belts: you benefit from a range of products which are constantly being further developed and optimised. 

Our high-quality products are used in the lighting, solar, automotive and electrical industry, as well as in interior and exterior design. 
Rolf Göbel, Director for Systems Development at ALANOD
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