Metal surfaces as reflectors for your stunning luminaire designs 

Lighting, whether at work, at home or on the move, is an essential factor in human well-being. Having become renowned in the production of semi-finished products for reflectors in the lighting industry, we have developed into specialists for light control, glare control and homogeneous light distribution – niche-specific and modular. Our products MIRO® und MIRO® SILVER changed the world of lighting, as we offered solutions for higher performance and energy savings already at an early stage. With our highly reflective and transmission surfaces for LED light fixtures, traditional light sources, UV light applications and greenhouse lighting (as well as daylight solutions), we contribute to creating the right light. We offer a wide, standard product range of high-quality, anodised surfaces with a wide variety of properties: reflective from matte to glossy, recyclable, coloured, scratch-resistant, antistatic and paintable. 

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