Efficient reflective surfaces made of aluminum and other metals 

Choose from an extensive range of standard, high-quality, anodised surfaces with various special characteristics: reflective from matte to gloss, recyclable, coloured, scratch-resistant, antistatic and paintable. Whichever characteristics you select, all are complemented by a wide variety of surface structures.


Whether matte or gloss, all MIRO® surfaces feature a total light reflection of 95% and will thus meet all your expectations when used in a targeted manner. Select from both isotropic and anisotropic reflection characteristics with different amounts of diffuse or directed reflection as well as different degrees of gloss.

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With a total light reflection of 98%, MIRO-SILVER® is the logical enhancement of the MIRO® product range. On top of excellent reflection, you still benefit from the entire range of surface qualities. Select from high gloss to matte with isotropic or anisotropic reflection characteristics, a darklight effect or the ergonomic, intrinsic density of the reflector material.

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Make use of our competence in development

Whether grain structure, lacquer finish, micro-perforation or light integration: our development department creates innovative surface systems for your specific application. Contact us and make use of our know-how.

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MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® DESSIN offer you the perfect qualities for reflectors. You have your choice in a variety of structured surfaces which feature a total light reflection of 93% to 97%. Due to the absolutely neutral colour reflection, all DESSIN products are suitable for every type of light with TL, HID or LED technology – regardless of their spectrum.

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To really optimise your UV application efficiency, MIRO® UV is ideal. It has been developed to reflect ultraviolet wavelengths. With a spectral reflectivity of over 90%, it offers you a much higher efficiency compared to anodised aluminium. By employing a special protective layer, you now benefit from a new, long-lasting UV reflective material. All this enhances the longevity of your UV devices. 

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If your products have outdoor uses, consider MIRO-SUN®. Based upon the MIRO® product range, MIRO-SUN® boasts approximately 95% total light reflection. Anodised coils are given a highly reflective coating (MIRO®) in a continuous air-vacuum-air PVD process and then protected with a nanocomposite (MIRO-SUN®) using a coil-coating method. MIRO-SUN® offers 90% solar reflection and 95% total light reflection and is ideal for use in tube collectors (CPC), parabolic trough power plants (CSP), micro parabolic troughs (CST), concentrator photovoltaics (CPV), solar cookers and heliostats.

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To significantly increase the efficiency of your LED modules, select MIRO® CoM. This MC-PCB material was specially developed for the LED baseplate industry and features an impressive 95% and 98% reflection. MIRO® CoM combines a reflection behaviour adapted to white LEDs with the necessary material hardness. Specific lacquer systems for your electrical insulation or for high thermal conductivity on the front and/or rear are also available upon request.

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MIRO® White

When you need diffuse reflection to hit in all directions, even at very shallow angles, MIRO® White products are your strategic choice. To achieve this, a matte, highly reflective white polymer material is used as a functional layer. This layer is either applied as a lacquer or film on aluminium or steel, depending upon your requirements. With up to 98% reflectivity across the entire visible spectrum, the use of MIRO® White significantly increases your lighting efficiency.

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