Reflective surfaces 


We offer a wide range of standard high-quality, anodised surfaces with various special characteristics: reflective from matte to gloss, recyclable, coloured, scratch-resistant, antistatic and paintable. These characteristics are complemented by a wide variety of surface structures.


Whether matte or gloss, all MIRO® surfaces feature a total light reflection of 95% and will thus meet all expectations when used in a targeted manner. We offer both isotropic and anisotropic reflection characteristics with different amounts of diffuse or directed reflection as well as different degrees of gloss.


With a total light reflection of 98%, MIRO-SILVER® is the logical enhancement of our MIRO® product range. Here too, we offer the entire range of surface qualities from high gloss to matte with isotropic or anisotropic reflection characteristics, darklight effect or ergonomic intrinsic density of the reflector material.


Our MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER® DESSIN qualities for reflectors feature a variety of structured surfaces and a total light reflection of 93% to 97%. Due to the absolutely neutral colour reflection, all DESSIN products are suitable for every type of light type with TL, HID or LED technology, regardless of their spectrum.


Based upon our MIRO® product range, MIRO-SUN® provides approximately 95% total light reflection, we have developed MIRO-SUN® specifically for outdoor use. Anodised coils are given a highly reflective coating (MIRO®) in a continuous air-vacuum-air PVD process and then protected with a nanocomposite (MIRO-SUN®) using a coil-coating method. MIRO-SUN® offers 90% solar reflection and 95% total light reflection and is ideal for use in tube collectors (CPC), parabolic trough power plants (CSP), micro parabolic troughs (CST), concentrator photovoltaics (CPV), solar cookers and heliostats.


The MC-PCB material MIRO® CoM was specially developed for the LED baseplate industry and combines a reflection behaviour adapted to white LEDs with the necessary material hardness. With 95% and 98% reflection, the efficiency of LED modules can be significantly increased with MIRO® CoM. Specific lacquer systems for electrical insulation or for high thermal conductivity on the front and/or rear are also available upon request.

MIRO® White

Our MIRO® White products provide ideal, diffuse reflection in all directions, even at very shallow angles. For this, a matte, highly reflective white polymer material is used as a functional layer, which is either applied as a lacquer or film on aluminium or steel, depending upon requirements. With up to 98% reflectivity across the entire visible spectrum, the use of MIRO® White significantly increases light efficiency.

Absorption surfaces

eta plus®

eta plus® is our semi-finished product for solar thermal systems and is used in absorbers for flat-plate collectors with full-surface or strip absorbers, in tube collectors as well as in air and large-scale façade collectors. In addition, it facilitates the production of high-performance collectors for solar cooling and the generation of process heat.

eta plus® achieves a very high solar absorption of 95% – combined with a very low thermal emissivity of just 5%. Based upon an aluminium or copper strip, the innovative absorber layer system is applied using a continuous PVD method in a worldwide technologically unique air-vacuum-air process.


Our special mirotherm® coating is ideal for solar thermal systems and absorbs both direct sunlight and diffuse radiation.

Based upon an aluminium strip, an innovative three-layer absorber system is applied using a continuous PVD method in a worldwide technologically unique air-vacuum-air process. Whilst the IR reflective layer ensures low thermal emissivity, the oxide absorption and antireflection coatings provide maximum solar absorption and resistance to external influences. In addition, mirotherm® has a laser-weldable anti-corrosion coating.

mirosol® TS

mirosol® TS is the ideal material for solar thermal systems installed in regions with high solar radiation. During the manufacture of mirosol® TS, a selective, hydrophobic lacquer is applied to aluminium in a specially developed process.

This means that for the first time, in addition to PVD coatings, lacquers using the coil coating method are now also available for solar thermal collectors.

mirosol® TS stands out thanks to its high resistance to heavy environmental pollution, salty air, moisture, condensation, oil and dirt as well as a low stagnation temperature.

mirotherm® Control

Developed on the basis of our best-selling and established coating mirotherm®, mirotherm® Control offers all the advantages of the proven system: solar absorption up to 96 %, highest product quality, resistance to external influences such as moisture and integrated protection against overheating.

Decorative surfaces


Our DECO PRIME® product range offers a variety of special designs for a wide variety of industries and applications: from the automotive industry to façades and ceilings as well as furniture laminates through to household appliances or signs and name-plates. Whether high-gloss or matte, fine to clearly visibly structured, with a stainless steel or copper look applied or long-term stable coloured surfaces – with DECO PRIME®, the sky is the limit.

We can also offer you all products with one or two-sided primers as an adhesive base for composites with other materials (e.g. for HPL/CPL lamination or to produce aluminium/plastic hybrid components) or for subsequent printing.

Coloured anodised surfaces

Incorporating colour pigments during the anodising process produces long-term stable coloured surfaces. The material still retains its natural, metallic character – whether gloss, matte or brushed.

In addition to the standard colours available, almost any colour variant is possible with a sufficient purchase quantity, as well as light-dark variations if desired. Tell us your colour preferences. We will be happy to send you samples.

Clear and coloured lacquer systems

In order to preserve the decorative surface structure of our aluminium qualities, we use non-opaque, translucent lacquer systems. In addition to an appealing look, these also give our products additional protection for both exterior and interior use, depending upon requirements.

Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces


MIRO® CU is a high-tech material manufactured in a nanotechnology process (PVD) and developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as its copper coating makes this surface antimicrobial. The elementary copper is bonded onto the anodised aluminium  base and builds a lasting connection. The product is available in 0,1mm thick foil with a self-adhesive backing allowing for easy application to flat or rounded surfaces. MIRO® CU 0,5 mm thick sheets are ideal for flat surfaces, such as tables, desk fronts, shelfs and many more. Add it to any piece of furniture, shop interior or counter to create an additional protection for customers and employees:

  • Lifetime effectiveness against germs (kills 99.99 % of them)
  • Works from the very first second, without any chemicals
  • Easy to apply and remove
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