Efficient solar solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in the production of surface-refined aluminium and copper strips, we also specialise in the production of semi-finished products for environmentally friendly solar energy generation.

On our four vacuum coating systems (PVD) and a lacquer system specially developed for sol-gel methods, we produce selectively absorbent or highly reflective coating systems using the coil-to-coil process. 

Solar absorption

eta plus®, mirotherm® and mirosol® TS are our three selective absorption coating systems, which are used in various types of solar collectors. The eta plus® and mirotherm® coating systems are continuously vapour coated and sputtered in an air-vacuum-air process using PVD methods, achieving absorption rates of 95% with a low emissivity of no more than 5%. mirosol® TS is our first selectively absorbent lacquer applied using a coil-coating method.

New — mirotherm® Control

mirotherm® Control is our new, selective absorption coating which has the added benefit of integrated protection against overheating. It reduces the stagnation temperature of flat plate collectors by approximately 40°C. mirotherm® Control ensures maximum efficiency and operational reliability – even at high outside temperatures or low demand for hot water. The new coating is produced in a vacuum line by using PVD techniques, achieving a solar absorption of 96% and an emissivity which is temperature dependent. 


To learn more about solar, download the brochure "mirotherm® Control".

Solar reflection

With MIRO-SUN®, we offer reflective surfaces with total solar reflection ranging from 85% to 90%. Thanks to a weather-resistant nano-composite layer, all MIRO-SUN® products are ideal for outdoor use in CPC (compound parabolic concentrator) mirrors, in vacuum tube collectors or parabolic trough concentrators (CSP = concentrated solar power). In addition, MIRO-SUN® can also be used as a concentrating reflector material for photovoltaic applications (CPV = concentrated photovoltaics).

Globally active

All of our solar products are currently sold, processed and installed by partner companies on five continents. We are the first company in the world to reach the milestone of more than 21 million square metres of absorber surface sold. What’s more, our worldwide sales network ensures targeted advice and on-site support.

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