18 August 2021

Opening of the largest solar thermal plant in Austria

This week, Austria's largest solar thermal plant was officially opened in Friesach, Kärnten. The solar park, having the size of a football field, with 436 large-area collectors on 5,750 square metres, is expected to produce 2.5 million kWh of heat per year. This will cover a 100% of the annual hot water demand, thus, in the transitional period, the heating needs of approximately 500 district heating customers in Friesach.

The Friesach solar park is unique in Austria in terms of its size and concept. The solar collectors for Austria's largest solar thermal system were produced by the company GREENoneTEC. It is the world market leader in the production of thermal solar collectors. In this particular project, the collectors consist of highly efficient absorbing surfaces manufactured by ALANOD using PVD technology in an air-to-air process. The absorption rate of 95 % in combination with a very low thermal emissivity of only 5 %, guarantees maximum yields in natural energy generation. With ALANOD as a strong partner in the production of highly efficient surfaces for solar thermal applications, GREENoneTEC has the best prerequisites for a long-lasting solution with maximum yields.

Image rights: KELAG Kärtner Elektrizitäts AG (Bild Presse & Anlage Friesach)

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