26 February 2021

ALANOD part of a large-scale solar thermal project in Austria

Renewable energies are on the rise. This is also proven by a new large-scale project in Austria. Starting in summer 2021, more than 2.5 million kWh of heat per year will be generated from a solar thermal energy plant based in Friesach. This project was made possible by the merger of solar thermal specialist 'Unser Kraftwerk' and 'GREENoneTEC'. While GREENoneTEC produces the flat-plate collectors, Unser Kraftwerk is responsible for its installation. 

The large-scale solar thermal plant will be the largest plant of its kind in Austria. It consists of 436 large solar collectors with a total area of 5,750 square metres, which will be connected to a 1,000 cubic metre buffer storage tank via a 1.1 km long heat pipe. The solar collectors consist of highly efficient absorbing surfaces manufactured by ALANOD using PVD technology in an air-to-air process. The absorption rate of 95 % in combination with a very low thermal emissivity of only 5 %, guarantees maximum yields in natural energy generation. With ALANOD as a strong partner in the production of highly efficient surfaces for solar thermal applications, GREENoneTEC has the best prerequisites for a long-lasting solution with maximum yields.

Another interesting aspect of the Austrian project is that the citizens of Friesach are participating actively through citizen funding. Unser Kraftwerk has pre-financed the investment and offers citizens the opportunity to purchase single collectors.

Austria shows the world how solar thermal energy works on a large scale and proves that major climate protection is possible, but also that it often requires joint efforts of multiple partners, politics and citizens.  For years, ALANOD has been actively involved in climate protection and is supporting several climate protection projects. Therefore, we are pleased to be part of this progressive project, which makes the world a bit more sustainable.

Image rights: KELAG Kärtner Elektrizitäts AG (Bild Presse & Anlage Friesach)

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