23 March 2022

Alanod part of an innovative solar project in Geneva

The new SIG SolarCAD II solar thermal power plant, designed and installed by the Geneva-based TVP Solar and completed in December 2020, produces more than 0.5 GWh of energy per year. In 2021, the installation demonstrated  the capability to produce hot water at more than 80°C, all-year round, even in winter, and overachieved its performance target .

With a solar collector field of 800 m2 (400 panels), the produced heat is injected into the largest district heating network in the canton of Geneva where 60,000 households are connected.

Manufactured by the Geneva-based company TVP Solar SA, the collectors of this new solar thermal power plant, which are using Alanod solar surfaces, are flat and insulated by a vacuum that allows the maximum amount of solar energy to be captured throughout the year. This new technology allows more energy to be produced in winter than with conventional collectors and at a higher temperature, even in bad weather.

copyright: SIG / Global Vision

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