17 September 2020

ALANOD supports Solar Heat Europe in its battle against climate change and in the promotion of renewable energies

The Solar Thermal sector is strongly committed towards bringing positive change to our world and to our societies. It aims to reduce EU’s energy needs and striving for a cost-efficient approach to clean, affordable and competitive solutions. In order to accelerate this goal, Solar Heat Europe has launched a petition calling on European, national, regional,  and local policy makers to take decisive action.

In the industry’s pledge, the signatories, a group of over 150 private and public entities from more than 20 European countries commit to: 

  • Promote a multi-technology approach to heating and cooling
  • Introduce new solutions for decentralised, secured, decarbonised heat supply and thermal energy storage
  • Increase the positive export balance of our sector
  • Step up research and development activities

A recovery based on locally generated renewable energy and energy efficiency will ensure more local jobs, economic recovery and a stronger European industry.

ALANOD has been producing highly efficient reflective as well as absorbing surfaces for environmentally friendly solar energy generation for more than 20 years. In times of climate change, we actively support the use of alternative energies.

We see it therefore as our duty as a company to do everything we can to help ensure that international climate change targets are met, and it is therefore self-evident that we have taken an active role and have joined the European initiative to promote sustainable and renewable energy.


Solar pledge
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