17 May 2022

German company launches high-performance solar collectors with Alanod's innovative mirotherm® Control

The German based company Solvis from Braunschweig, which has been a pioneer in the development of highly efficient and environmentally friendly heating and hot water technology for more than 30 years, has now developed and launched a new solar collector. This new collector is called SolvisCala 254 Control and shows a significant reduction in stagnation temperature compared to its predecessor model. In this specific case, Solvis has implemented Alanod's intelligent absorber surface mirotherm® Control for the first time.

Here some facts: SolvisCala 254 Control offers a nominal output of 1.8 kW with 2.54 m of total collector surface. The efficiency of the conversion of sunlight into solar heat is 80% and the stagnation temperature is 182°C. By reducing the stagnation temperature, solar heat transfer fluid and other components are exposed to significantly less stress, and consequently the life span of all components increases.  And here's the secret - the reduced stagnation temperature was achieved by using Alanod's high-performance absorber surface mirotherm® Control. This highly selective coating with integrated overheating protection has a temperature-dependent emission coefficient and has the additional advantage that it can replace any standard selective coating.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Solvis on the successful development of this innovative and groundbreaking product.

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