25 May 2021

MIRO® Volt - the new generation of transformer coil bands

Coil material for electrical transformers need inter-lap insulation. Traditionally, paper has fulfilled this role. With MIRO® Volt, our insulation-coated aluminium strip, the need for the additional paper insulation is removed. MIRO® Volt aluminium strip offers you a step-up into the future of transformers. Due to the more compact winding and the special insulation, it is possible to build transformers that are considerably more compact and efficient. 

Our innovative MIRO® Volt has enormous advantages over conventional products:

Performance improvement: MIRO® Volt strips help increase electrical performance by reducing power losses within the transformer

Space reduction: Compared to traditional transformer construction, MIRO® Volt strips need less space for the same performance

Cost savings: A more compact inner core can be used, less material for the outer windings is needed, leading to significant material savings.

Stable protection: MIRO® Volt with optional adhesion layers will result in a solid winding, protecting your transformer system from mechanical damage

Proven technology: One of the major worldwide transformer manufacturers has been using MIRO® Volt with only positive results.


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