30 March 2020

Home-use UV C disinfection devices expect major market growth

With the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, disinfection with UV light has seen a tremendous demand from the professional sector. Now the industry expects a further surge in demand, this time from the private sector. Reflector surfaces made of MIRO® UV provide optimal conditions for disinfection with intensive UV C light.

Proven in industry, now entering private use 

Once, aggressive chemicals were the only way to fight germs. Today, UV C light disinfection is a fast growing alternative. With the interest of the home sector growing rapidly, UV C devices are practical to sanitise smaller items. Here are some examples:

  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop
  • PC keyboard, mouse, scanner
  • Remote control
  • Toothbrush, hairbrush
  • Kitchen tools, tableware, scissors
  • Pacifier, baby bottle, etc.

Now is the perfect time to enter the home sector with UV C sanitising devices – equipped with the perfect reflective material: MIRO® UV.

How MIRO® UV boosts UV C device efficiency

With its high reflectivity at the right wavelengths, MIRO® UV maximises the efficiency of sanitising devices. The surface of MIRO® UV reflects over 90% of the UV C spectrum and helps to direct and focus the sterilising light to where it is needed.

Conventional reflective materials usually suffer from age-related decline in UV reflectivity. MIRO® UV has proven to stand the test of time and loses less than 1% of reflectivity over 1,000 hours.

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