22 February 2021

Aluminium as copper replacement for electrical applications - make yourself independent of the volatile copper price

Aluminium is a suitable candidate in electrical engineering due to its low density, good electrical and thermal conductivity, all at a reasonable stable raw material price. Aluminium is already in use in the electrical industry today, especially when the joins need welding. 

However, the disadvantage of aluminium is its limited solderability. There are applications in which soft-soldering is used as a joining method and aluminium has not been generally considered suitable.

However, through years of experience in the field of functional and decorative aluminium coatings, we have found a way to optimise its use in electrical engineering and to circumvent the soldering problem. We have developed an innovative thin-film coating on aluminium that enables the use of standard soft-soldering methods. This will allow the replacement of copper with aluminium for a wide range of applications.

Switching to the lighter and cheaper aluminium is an advantageous option in many cases.

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