23 June 2020

Alanod forming part of prestigious architectonic project in Sweden: Kiruna City Hall

Kiruna, a town in northern Sweden, is on the move. Located in Lapland, the town and many of its 23.000 residents are being relocated 3 kilometers to the east to prevent it slowly being swallowed by an underground mine. The huge relocation project started in 2014 with the goal to construct a new town center, municipal buildings and around 3,000 new homes. Kiruna Town Hall, designed by Danish studio Henning Larsen, is the first building completed as part of Kiruna’s relocation.

First building Kiruna  City Hall 

Henning Larsen designed the circular town hall to become the administrative and cultural centre of Kiruna. Named Kristallen, or “The Crystal,” the building draws physical inspiration from the angular geometry of iron minerals that are fundamental to the town’s identity. To physically and visually connect the new building with the town's past, the clock tower from Kiruna's old town hall – designed in 1958 by Artur von Schmalensee – has been dismantled and rebuilt alongside the new town hall.

The city hall consists oft two building volumes: The outer building volume contains office space for the public departments of Kiruna Municipality, but the core of the building is dedicated to social space: Public exhibition halls, workshops, and meeting rooms establish a foundational commons for the new city center. The town hall stands as a living room for the new Kiruna, open and accessible to all. The gold-plated building in the middle, the part we call the Crystal, is a separate house in the house. The building’s central atrium, overlooked by offices, contain an art gallery, meeting rooms and the council assembly. Walls and ceilings are mainly covered with large golden aluminium panels made of Alanod DECO PRIME® transmitting an overall authentic metallic character due to its anodised surface adding a perception of high-quality to the overall contemporary and unique look of the City Hall. Our products impress with excellent quality due to our continously improved process in creating uniformity in colour and innovative developments.

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