Highly effective metal reflectors for your UV light applications 

UV light has many positive effects that are widely used in industrial and medical applications, from UV curing of inks and coatings to phototherapy and disinfection.
MIRO® UV offers you the reflective capabilities you need to optimise UV efficiency and increase the durability of your UV equipment.  With a spectral reflectance of over 90 %, it offers much higher efficiency compared to anodised aluminium.

Reflectors for UV light applications in medicine and technology 

MIRO® UV is the ideal reflector material for a wide range of applications:

  • curing of paints, varnishes and resins
  • water, air and surface disinfection
  • sterilisation of medical equipment, food and liquids
  • photochemical applications
  • phototherapy and tanning equipment

Longer durability in aggressive UV-light

Conventional reflective materials generally suffer from a decrease in UV-reflectivity. By using a special protective layer, we have created a new, durable UV-reflecting material. In UV-tests, MIRO® UV lasts over 1,000 hours with a change in reflectivity of less than 1 %. Compared to conventional reflectors, this is a great advantage. The longer service life means that the reflectors need to be replaced less frequently.

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