More efficient transformers thanks to transformer belts with integrated insulation 

We are specialists in the production of transformer belts, which are used in distribution transformers as well as in transformers for generating wind energy. Our material is designed in such a way that it allows for more compact winding due to the electrical insulation. This leads to smaller dimensions of the entire transformer. Smaller dimensions result in material savings for all components of the transformer – such as the core, the oil and the low-voltage and high-voltage coils, with the same performance. 

Transformer belts from Alanod: compact, efficient, durable 

With our specially developed, electrically insulated surfaces for transformer belts, you can:

  • create smaller transformers with maximum efficiency
  • achieve savings in materials by using less material for other components
  • use a durable and proven product
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Brochure Transformer Coil Band 


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