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Thanks to a unique combination of sophisticated production processes, intense research and development, we have developed a complete range of durable metal surfaces for façades. Our wide selection of aluminium qualities – from matte to high gloss – provide you with a variety of multifaceted options for bringing visionary architectural designs to life.

Our mirror-like, high-gloss products give buildings extraordinary futuristic effects or enable them to blend into their natural background. Matte gloss surfaces gently and inconspicuously reflect the colours and shapes of the surroundings and the changing of the seasons. Aluminium façades become an active element of spatial design.

Our range includes anodised, PVD-coated and lacquered surfaces with material thicknesses from 0.1mm to 15mm. Functional surface treatments that improve or facilitate the use of aluminium in combination with other materials are also in our portfolio. These include anti-corrosion lacquer systems and one or two-sided treatments with a primer as adhesive base for HPL/CPL lamination. Regardless of design or desired type of processing, all of our materials are ready to use.

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