Antimicrobial copper surfaces

Compared to other surfaces of everyday life, e.g. plastics or stainless steel, copper acts much faster against viruses, bacteria and other germs. Scientific studies have proven it to be effective against Corona viruses within a maximum of 4 hours, while other surfaces take days to achieve the same.

MIRO® CU is manufactured in a nanotechnology process (PVD).  The elementary copper is bonded onto the anodised aluminium  base and builds a lasting connection. The copper coating of MIRO® CU makes this surface antimicrobial – while looking, feeling, and lasting just great. Add it to any piece of furniture, shop interior or counter to create an additional protection for customers and employees. 

Research has confirmed that MIRO® CU fights germs most effectively. Its smooth surface of pure copper has been proven in  lab tests to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

Discover our MIRO® CU antimicrobial surfaces

It is an established fact that copper has a disinfecting effect on bacteria and viruses. Numerous studies have proven this effect through scientific evidence. MIRO® CU has also had its effectiveness proven in the laboratory. Lab tests conducted on our behalf, demonstrated the effectiveness of MIRO® CU: 99.99% of corona viruses on a given surface could be eliminated. 

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